Monday, April 11, 2011

Enchanted Forest Themed Wedding

The woods: there's something about trees lit by tiny lights that speaks to the magic-hungry little girl inside all of us. I wanted to tap into that glittering fairy tale world nestled deep in our psyches in a way that could be easily translated into wedding decor without being overtly kitschy. With the right centerpieces and a few decor items spaced throughout, any outdoor space with lots of trees--or even a properly lighted tent!--could be transformed into an enchanted forest setting. Check out a little something extra for some ideas on where to purchase some DIY materials.

Mood: Enchantment under the trees

Color Palette: moss green, wood brown, gold, candlelight

Artifacts of Inspiration: Fairy tales, fireflies, the forest

The Deets, Credits and Maybe Where to Buy Them:

Candle Holder Decor by Tricia Fountaine DesignButterfly Grapevine Ball via Style Me PrettyEnchanted Forest Centerpiece by Tricia Fountaine DesignCandlelit Trees via Design IndulgencesWood Placecards via I Do It YourselfMoss Chair by Jasmine Star via Style Me PrettyLighted Branches via My Cleveland WeddingFirefly Mason Jar via

A Little Something Extra: has become my new BFF as I help plan the decor for my sister's wedding, but I'm sure you could find similar items at other craft stores. A little creativity, time, and some of the items below, and I think the above inspiration board is totally DIY-able.

The gorgeous lighted branches run about $10 to $16 at

I always wondered how so many crafty people got lights inside grapevine balls without having them attached to a Christmas light string: LED battery powered strings. From what I've seen, they run about $11 for four feet. You could stick them inside mason jars alone, or add moss from a craft store like so:

The moss could also be used to cover wood slabs to create centerpieces like this lovely number via

Short on time or craftiness? I found them for purchase on--of course!--Etsy by seller simplykacie here.


  1. OMG I am officially a fan of yours!!! I love everything thats just the whole feel of the fairy-tale whimsical magic of the Enchanted forest, and to have a wedding with that theme and setting with all the decor and details...well, it will always be a absolute dream of mine and actually, when I saw some of the stuff you had up here (like the CRAZY-AMAAAZINGly cuuute mason jars with my number one favorite item: MOSS!! Hehe. You probably think I'm insane but really I like live for not really creating myself, but good finds, I would say-and I am good at that! :D
    If you don't mind, I would absolutely just LOVVVE to post one or two of the things you've got going on here to my blog (or perhaps keep it all to myself..heehee!) with credit to you, as I just wrote my first piece on my blog on everything weddings about what I thought and how much i loved this type of feel for weddings (ahem, prefablly MINE! haha)!! So feel free to come check it out-although I must warn that it still has alota work to be done to.
    Anyways, thank you!!

  2. Hello,
    This Enchanted Forest wedding theme is gorgeous! I especially fell in love with the fireflies in a jar. Thank you so much for sharing how you made yours. I hope it's okay, I just couldn't help but feature your beautiful fireflies in a jar in my mason jar crafts and decor round-up. You can see it here:

    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful! Do they blink like fireflies do though?

  4. What an amazing Photoset!! That tree decoration is looking stunning. I would definitely ask my planner to arrange this kind of magical wedding for me. Well, I just booked a wedding venue in Los Angeles from a website.