Request an Inspiration Board

Have some ideas about what your wedding will look and feel like but having trouble putting it together? I love making inspiration boards and would be happy to make one for you!

Inspiration often comes from unexpected places: your favorite movie, a beloved t-shirt, a cherished family heirloom, wallpaper, a musician, that print hanging in your kitchen. Perhaps there's an era of style that you adore or you just want something to fit your venue or season. I'd love to know your color palette, but would enjoy helping you brainstorm accent colors or assist you in coming up with a palette that suits your feel. The more information I get, the closer the board can meet your vision, but at the very least, give me some adjectives that describe your mood, i.e. formal, rustic, elegant, casual, warm, modern, whimsical, sweet, intimate, grand, vintage, etc.

So if you would like a board, just leave me a comment below with some--or all!--of the information above and I'll post one on the blog as soon as I can! Thanks for reading and big hugs!

Katie the Weddingthirsty from Swashbuckle The Aisle


  1. Hi, I need help with an Inspiration Board.
    Color palette: Ivory (main), burgundy & gold (accent colors)
    Theme: Eat, Play, Love
    Concept: chic, contemporary, elegant
    Likes: desserts (we're both have sweet tooth), food, board games, video games

    Venue: Rancho De Las Palmas (www.ranchodelaspalmas) -- outdoor, garden, man-made lake
    Mood: elegant, modern, sweet, slightly vintage, lots of details (and personal touches).
    Date: september

    Thank you soo much :)

  2. I dont know if you are still doing this but I would love your help! My wedding colors a a bit crazy
    Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Hot pink, with accents or green and turquoise

    Venue: Family property (outdoor)

    Concept: Fun, Causalish, Summer,

    Food: Right now we are arguing between BBQ and a taco bar!

  3. HELP ME!! This is my Venue can you create a inspiration board for this house?

  4. Hi!
    We're doing an almost 100% DIY, in the backyard in the woods by the pool, classed up woodland-themed casual wedding. We want it to reflect our love of nature and camping and general outdoorsyness, but not, as my mother puts it, look like a "redneck" or "lumberjack" wedding. We like greens and purples and ivory (cafe au lait might be more accurate). We also like the Adirondacks, woodpeckers, loons, and birchbark. The wedding is in August, but since we really are going as DIY as possible, we're starting to make things, like, soon.



  5. Hello,
    I saw your grey and yellow inspiration board and loved it!! We are trying to do low budget and mostly diy things. It will be an outdoor wedding with kind of a whimsical garden type feel to it and the colors I want are yellow grey and light blue. It will be pretty causal but I still want it to be elegant. In our engagement pictures we are using balloons and I really like cake pops with the actual wedding cake and sphere lanterns. I would love to see what kind of inspiration you come up with!
    Thank You,

  6. Hello!
    I found you through Pinterest and feel in love with your boards! Here is my dilema... I am having an outdoor wedding, but am having trouble finding new ways to put together the over done "shabby/country chic" wedding. I love vintage, like a lot of brides and want the decor to seem effortless. I love the idea of using old chairs that have been in the family, repurposing old furniture (using an antique vanity for the cake table), outdoor elements like bark, moss, trees etc. I also love the idea of yard games and food stations (baked potato bar, smores station etc.) The problem is I don't want it to seem as if the guests have "been to this wedding a million times". We also have a very limited budget as we are going to be buying a new house at the same time!! Do you have any new takes on an oldie but goodie wedding style?

    Wedding Style: Shabby chic backyard
    Wedding venue: Private home that rents out their yard for weddings... its beautiful but plain.
    Wedding attire: Ivory lace (vintage style) not sure on accent colors yet?? (advice welcome!)
    Attendants: My 11 year old daughter and 21 yr old future step daughter (challenging for dresses!)