Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1940s Movie Star Marries Cowboy: "The Spoilers" Inspiration Board

I adore classic film, and there's a special place in my heart for Marlene Dietrich and John Wayne. Like burlap and lace, or complementary colors, there's something about the contrast between these types that makes the other shine. Polished femme fatale + rough-and-tumble Man (capital "M"!) + rustic setting = good times. Their 1942 movie "The Spoilers" captures that equation perfectly. So what if a 1940s screen siren married the cowboy of her dreams in the wilds of Alaska? She'd stamp that saloon setting with her own fabulous style without compromising its rustic charm. Because that's how Marlene rolls.

Mood: Swanky 40s soiree with a Wild West backdrop

Color Palette: Chocolate brown, brass, candlelight, and antique lace

Artifacts of Inspiration: Marlene Dietrich + John Wayne, saloons, filigree, leather, crystals, a soundtrack that runs from Bing Crosby to The Delmore Brothers

The Inspiration Deets, Credits, and Maybe Where to Find Them:

Chandelier from the Dana Powers BarnJohn Wayne and Marlene DietrichTablescape by Elizabeth Anne DesignsFaux Fur Wrap from Etsy seller SpaZooieVintage Style SuitcasesBroochThe Long Branch Saloon and Farms (This place is awesome, btw, a mini Wild West town replica. You can even hire bartenders, character actors, and run a casino--without real money--for events.), Brown Lace Cocktail DressCandelabra

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