Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspiration Board #5: 1920s Southern Charm

If Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby met a whimsical, easy-going gal, and they inexplicably had access to photoshop, I think this is what their inspiration might look like. I don't know if "Boardwalk Empire" started the trend or is just reflecting the interest, but the 1920s are back--and horsefeathers! Don't I think it's the bee's knees!

Although I wanted to capture a 1920s sensibility, I also didn't want the board to feel like a cos-play pamphlet, hence the glaring absence of fringed flapper dresses and the slightly more modern layered, black dress above. But if your bridesmaids are bold enough to rock some fringe, get on with your bad self! I also wanted it to be *gasp* a tad more affordable. I just love the sleekness of the 20s aesthetic, every dress an ode to the line and silhouette. Besides, how could I not love a decade of fashion that considered flat-chestedness ideal? And that delicious white number above? It's $195.00. Check out the deets for all the cheap goodness.

Mood: 1920s dinner party in the summer

Color Palette: Black, cream, soft pinks, brass

Artifacts of Inspiration: The Great Gatsby, southern mansions, Al Jolson, mint juleps, art deco, frills, "Boardwalk Empire"

The Inspiration Deets, Credits, and Maybe Where to Find Them:

The Acacia MansionAmazing Headband from Twigs and Honey (Pretty much any of these would have worked for this board. They are all incredible and I spent way too long sighing over them.), Little Black Flapper Dress from GutsyGirl on EtsyIncredible DIY Chandelier tutorial from,Phonograph with CD CapabilityNataya Ivory Dress from RomanticThreads.comVintage Groom Suit Guide from Ruffledblog.comPink Balloons by Amanda Wilcher via StyleMePretty.comBlack Ikea Framed Monogram1920s Music Cover ArtRose Centerpieces (SO simple and pretty. Some clear glasses + Wholesale Garden Roses = cheap and pretty centerpieces.), Art Deco Lantern Necklace by kneehighsnpigtails on Etsy

A little more on cheap sweetness:

Aviva Events has some excellent ideas on using Ikea products for wedding decor. Score! That frame above is only $29.99.
That black flapper dress from GutsyGirl is only $21.00!
Art Deco Lantern Necklace from kneehighsnpigtails is only $20.00!

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